What is the difference between a Source Label and a Source Title?

Sources in Clooz refer to a description of the document (book, certificate, journal, etc) the information came from.   The Source Title is the exact title of the item, such as from a book’s title page or cover).   The Source Label is any form of description you choose to use to identify the source when it appears in lists of sources in Clooz.   This is usually some form of composite of location and document type, such as  Pennsylvania, Lebanon County, 1850 U.S. Census   or  U.S. Census, 1850, Pennsylvania, Lebanon.   The trick is to determine a system of labeling you want to follow that results in your desired grouping and ordering of the sources when display in an alphabetical list.    Labels are not used as part of citations, only in lists of sources.

Note that you can select whether Titles or Labels are used for sources when appearing in lists within Clooz by going to the Edit menu->Options item.


The Clooz setup program is not finishing properly. What do I do?

This is most likely due to a security access limitation being encountered within your system.

Try right clicking the cloozsetup.exe file, and select:  Run as Administrator.

Also be sure that the data folder you designated to hold your Clooz data during the install procedure process provides write access for both the System and User windows accounts.   Normally, if you have not tinkered with these Windows settings, keeping the Clooz data within your My Documents folder area will avoid this issue.   The setup program default is a “Clooz Data” folder within your Windows documents folder.


What Windows versions does Clooz run on?

Clooz runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.   It requires installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or 3.5, depending on the Windows version).


How do I install Clooz on the new computer I have purchased?

You will need the latest Clooz serial number issued to you (original purchase or renewed update support), along with the unlock password.   These would be in the email you received after purchasing the program or renewing update support.

Download the cloozsetup.exe program at http://cloozsetups.ancestralsystems.com to your desktop or downloads folder, then execute the setup program.

If your Clooz database (.cdb extension) and any associated media files have not already been moved to the new system, do so now.

Once you enter the serial number and your user name (your preferred identification) into Clooz, you can use the File menu->Maintenance->Media Location Tool to help you reestablish all the proper file links between the Clooz database references and the actual file locations.   It’s always simplest if you follow a general practice of keeping Clooz documents within the same folder structure, where the entire structure can be copied to another system and maintain the same file path.

Will Clooz overwrite or change data in my family tree program?

Whenever Clooz exports data to an external program, it will always create additional people, events and sources (however, the user can designate to use the person or source already in the external program instead of creating a duplicate one).   Existing data in the external file is never overwritten or changed.   For example, if a person in the family tree program already has a birth event, and the Clooz document contained birth event information, Clooz will create an alternate birth event in the external program for that person.   The user then has to designate which is the preferred birth event (since the date may not be exactly the same).

The philosophy of Clooz is to maintain a precise record of the information contained in the source document, including the exact date, spelling of a location, or spelling of a person’s name.   Thus as multiple source documents are accumulated for a person, the data must be melded together into the form desired by the user for display in the family tree.  Clooz provides the capabilities to do this in an efficient manner without requiring double entry of all the information.

Will I be able to export data to my family tree program?

Yes, Clooz supports the export of people, their events, the source, associated media files, and source citations as related to a single Clooz document in various ways:

  • Direct read/write with Legacy Family Tree databases
  • Direct read/write with Family Historian files
  • Direct read from RootsMagic databases, with transfer to RootsMagic through special GEDCOM files that preserve linking of people
  • Data transfer (import/export) using GEDCOM files (including a GEDCOM tuned for use with FamilyTreeMaker)


Is it possible to get the entire program on a CD?

You can burn your own copy of the Clooz installation program as a CD using the .iso file found on the http://cloozsetups.ancestralsystems.com web page. This file is updated periodically, so you can keep your backup installation CD up to date.

For those users who do not have high-speed Internet service, a CD containing the Clooz installer can also be purchased in our Shop.