Join Us

Ancestral Systems, LLC, is a small company depending upon the collaborative efforts of individuals who are passionate about having a document-based research aid for genealogical research.   This is to not only help with document organization, but being able to know what information you have, being able to find it, and making better use of the information you do collect.

If you share this passion to make better use of documents in your research, consider joining our team.   Listed below are examples of the kind of support needed.   You can define the level of effort, from limited support (a few hours every week or two) to full time support.  While most activities are on a volunteer basis, those taking on more significant roles and responsibilities will receive some form of compensation (to be negotiated).   These are not employee positions, however.

Programming Support  –  Whether Microsoft .NET framework, Mac OS X, Delphi or even cloud-based technologies, there are many ways interested developers can participate in the effort.   The work could be ongoing, or just for a single one-time task.

Database Reporting Support –  If you are familiar with database structures and uses, you could help in designing new report formats using tools that don’t require programming knowledge.    It would be useful to have an overall coordinator for the report formats and capabilities in Clooz, collecting and tracking user requirements and suggestions.

Marketing / Educational Support – If you use Clooz and can write a short article about how you use it in your research, it could be posted on our blog page to give ideas to other users.

Testing Support –  If you are an existing Clooz user and want to help in the developmental testing of new features, join the test team which is about to be established.   We have accumulated a list of names over the past year, and will be contacting these folks directly.

Document Design Support –  Now that Clooz will be more flexible for adding new templates, it is time to start establishing document experts within different countries and/or document types.   It would also be useful to have a coordinator for document design in general.

So if you are interested in joining the Clooz team, send an email to describing your interests, background, and how you think you could contribute.