Videos and User Guide

In order to help you learn how to use Clooz, we have made available a User Guide (download pdf) and training videos.   If you have any questions don't hesitate to interact with the Clooz community of users on Facebook or send us an email at

Clooz 4 Support Resources

Videos for Clooz 4 are found on the support resources page

Clooz Videos from Version 3...

This webinar was presented 16 September, 2016, at   It provides a comprehensive summary of how Clooz can fit into your family history research and interface with family tree software programs such as Legacy.

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Getting Started with Clooz

A quick overview of the Clooz concept and how the program works.

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Main Window

An explanation of the various parts of Clooz's main window.

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The Search Bar

How to search and filter lists in Clooz 3.

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Source Documents (Part 1): Source Citations

How to enter the source information for documents in Clooz 3.

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Source Documents (Part 2)

More information on entering source documents in Clooz 3. This part covers the document content entry.

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Working with People

How Clooz 3 links documents to the people.

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Working with Other Databases

How Clooz 3 can perform bulk imports and exports of people and sources (no events; see Document Exports).

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Automatic Updating

All about how Clooz 3 keeps itself up to date with the latest enhancements and fixes.

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The Composite View

Training video showing the features of the new hierarchical display, called Composite View, introduced in Clooz 3.2.

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Document Export Part 1

The Document Export function, Part 1 showing users how to use the new function introduced in Clooz 3.3 (example is with Legacy Family Tree).

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Document Export Part 2

The Document Export function, Part 2 introduced in Clooz 3.3 for interfacing with Legacy Family Tree.

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Media Location Tool

The Media Location Tools simplifies finding missing document image links, or changing link locations for access of images from your Clooz file.

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