Clooz 4 News

The development of Clooz version 4 has been completed and the User Guide is now available to download (pdf file).  The official release is coming very soon!  Time is running out to get Clooz 4 at the Clooz 3 price.   Visit to obtain your license today!    (If you can run the latest version of Clooz 3, you are all set for version 4.)

Lost your Clooz serial number?   Retrieve it from the online self-help support page:


Clooz 4 User Guide (pdf)

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What's New in Version 4!

Coming soon: Clooz 4 Beta availability and US 1950 Census Template

After years of development work, version 4 of Clooz is finally nearing completion.   Version 4 is a complete rewrite of the program, with numerous major improvements.  A small group of users has been testing it and finding much to be excited about. The software is fully functional except for report generation.  A public beta version (still without the reporting) will be released in mid-November.  The report generation will be included in the coming months prior to final production release.

The focus of development has been on version 4, which nearly doubles the number of information record templates, including the 1921 UK Census and the recently released US 1950 Census.

Clooz 4, as promised, will be a free upgrade to those users running version 3.6 with paid licenses.  More information on recovering lost serial numbers will be provided.

Stay tuned for more exciting details in the next few weeks!