Ancestral Systems, LLC

Clooz has been used by genealogy researchers since 1997, when it was first developed by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens and sold by Ancestor Detective, LLC.   In 2006, version 2 of Clooz was released, and then version 2.1 in 2007.   In December, 1211, Ancestor Detective, LLC announced the end of sales of the program.  Joe Bissett, a Clooz user since its initial introduction, knew the potential of the program from his own genealogical research and acquired Clooz on 1 January 2012.   As soon as the announcement went public, he was contacted by Rich Thomas, also a long time user of Clooz who had strong computer programming skills.  Together they formed Ancestral Systems, LLC, and immediately began work producing version 3 of Clooz, which was released later in July, 2012.  In January, 2016, Joe retired from the company, and Rich is now serving as President of Ancestral Systems, LLC, and principal programmer. 

Our Mission

To develop top quality software applications supporting the needs of genealogical researchers.

Our Goals

Develop software that

  • Improves the quality of family histories
  • Makes it easier to follow best practice research methods
  • Requires minimal training  through intuitive design


Ancestral Systems, LLC

6326 Golden Star Place

Columbia, MD  21044


Contact:   support@clooz.com