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Clooz Features (version 3)

Enter Document Information
Over 100 different templates are provided to match the types of information contained in the type of document you find.


Unique Analysis Tools
Clooz has presentation features specially designed to support your data analysis, such as a hierarchical layout called the Composite View.


Export to your Family Tree
Clooz provides a very powerful capability for you export the people, events, sources and citations to your favorite family tree program where you can view the tree and produce all the typical charts.


Clooz has over 200 different report formats, which can be printed or exported as Adobe pdf, MS Excel, MS Word, rich text (rtf), or XML files.


Training Materials
A series of 12 free videos has been produced to help researchers rapidly learn how to use the full potential of Clooz. A detailed user's guide (pdf) comes free with Clooz, which matches the help file content within the program.


Support and Updates

Ancestral Systems has developed a strong reputation for providing excellent user support (Clooz won a GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for 2016, the 5th straight year!).

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Ways to use Clooz

While having all of your document information entered into Clooz provides the ultimate benefits, there are more limited / specific cases where Clooz can be applied:

  • Routine research
  • Focus on specific research problem
  • Surname studies (either globally or within a particular geographic area)
  • A cross reference / index of people's names against document locations or images they are in.

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