Will Clooz overwrite or change data in my family tree program?

Whenever Clooz exports data to an external program, it will always create additional people, events and sources (however, the user can designate to use the person or source already in the external program instead of creating a duplicate one).   Existing data in the external file is never overwritten or changed.   For example, if a person in the family tree program already has a birth event, and the Clooz document contained birth event information, Clooz will create an alternate birth event in the external program for that person.   The user then has to designate which is the preferred birth event (since the date may not be exactly the same).

The philosophy of Clooz is to maintain a precise record of the information contained in the source document, including the exact date, spelling of a location, or spelling of a person’s name.   Thus as multiple source documents are accumulated for a person, the data must be melded together into the form desired by the user for display in the family tree.  Clooz provides the capabilities to do this in an efficient manner without requiring double entry of all the information.