Release History

Recent Changes in Clooz

  • Clooz Release 3.6.1 (8 Jan 2021)
    • Support added for RootsMagic 8.0
  • Clooz Release 3.6.0 (17 July 2019)
    • Fixed several minor issue with database upgrades.
    • Now properly observe Legacy Family Tree settings for RIN generation.
    • Database query modification regarding businesses.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.26 (8 October 2017)

    Fixed the multiple item mouse selection capability (for deleting items) in document and research plans grids.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.25 (25 August 2017)

    Fixed the main display to eliminate an unused record navigation tool that began appearing in 3.5.24.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.24 (8 August 2017)

    Licensing modules were updated to reflect the change in update support policy.

    This release will recognize and work with all serial numbers issued July 23, 2015 or later, providing free updates for all releases under versions 3 and 4 (when released; see the software road map).

    Users running version 3.5.23 who have expired update support must first uninstall Clooz, and then download and install the 3.5.24 version from the Clooz website.  Use the latest password and serial number issued.


  • Clooz Release 3.5.23 (1 May 2017)

    Added “Year” column on the image tab of the Person form.
    Fixed issue with source importing (when download date field was null).

  • Clooz Release 3.5.22 (23 December 2016)

    Expanded the Page field in all documents (other than census types) to a maximum of 100 characters (was 10).

  • Clooz Release 3.5.21 (17 December 2016)

    Implemented changes supporting interface to upcoming Legacy version 9  (Clooz is fully compatible).

    Corrected error in list of external files in the File menu.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.20 (8 October 2016)

    Allow retention of image files as document attachments even if the generation of the thumbnail image fails.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.19 (26 September 2016)

    Fixed a rare issue causing Clooz to terminate with an error message that the named ID value was not part of the named data table.
    The sort direction (ascending, descending) of Composite View columns is now reestablished after an item in the Composite View was edited.