I get an error saying my serial number will not support the latest version of Clooz I just installed, or says my update support has expired. What can I do?

In early 2015, Ancestral Systems, LLC established a new policy of having Clooz purchases support free updates for a period of one year following the purchase date (see update support policy for complete description).   Update support needs to be renewed annually to be able to continue to take advantage of new features and changes to Clooz.

Assuming you wish to run the latest versions of Clooz, renew your update support (if expired) on our Shop page.   Enter the new serial number provided to you into Clooz.

If you do not wish to renew, you can continue to run the most recent version of Clooz that was released while your support was still active.   Older versions of Clooz can be obtained on the cloozsetups web page (scroll to bottom part).   Uninstall the newer version of Clooz (if you had installed one), and then reinstall the older version.

In versions of Clooz at least 3.3.8, there is a License Status item in the Help menu.   It tells you when your update support will expire, and provides a convenient link to the Shop site to purchase a renewal when necessary.