Clooz Update and Support Policy

Clooz provides a capability to update itself automatically as new releases become available.   When a new release is available, the software will notify you, and allow you to approve its implementation.   This behavior can be turned on/off in the Options form found in the Edit Menu.

Clooz users can receive help in resolving issues associated with installation or operation of the program, as well as asking questions about its use or even suggesting further enhancements by sending an email to    Responses to incoming messages usually occurs within the same day.  Phone support is not available.  

Free Updates --- Annual Update Support Renewal Policy Terminated

Future software updates to Clooz (including and through version 4) will now be free of charge for all users who had active update support as of July 23, 2016, or purchased Clooz after that date.   It is no longer necessary to annually renew update support.   Development of the next major release of Clooz, Version 4, has taken much longer than anticipated, and updates have been slow in coming.   Ancestral Systems will now return to the more common practice of charging for major upgrades, beginning with Version 5.

If you are running Clooz version 3.5.23, and Clooz says your update support has expired, then you will need to first uninstall Clooz using the standard Windows Control Panel feature to uninstall programs.   Then download the 3.5.24 (or later) version from and run the setup program.   Use the password and serial number most recently emailed to you when you purchased or renewed Clooz.  Contact if you have any problems.

Users whose update support had expired prior to July 23, 2016, will need to purchase a new license in order to receive future updates.  Contact to obtain a discount.

Clooz versions 3.5.24 and later will recognize existing serial numbers and this change in policy.  Always use the latest serial number you were issued.