Clooz Update and Support Policy

Clooz provides a capability to update itself automatically as new releases become available.   When a new release is available, the software will notify you, and allow you to approve its implementation.   This behavior can be turned on/off in the Options form found in the Edit Menu.

The strategy of Ancestral Systems LLC in providing enhancements and new features in Clooz is to introduce these types of changes on a regular basis rather than holding them back for infrequent major updates.   To match this type of implementation, a support policy was adopted in February 2015 to collect a small renewal fee ($14.95) on an annual basis instead of more significant upgrade fees for major releases.   It provides the most economical way for users to obtain updates, and gets the updated items to them quicker.


Special Anniversary Bonus

In celebration of the 4th anniversary of the release of Clooz 3, Ancestral Systems is awarding all Clooz user having active upgrade support during the last week of July, 2016, a bonus year of support. This will be reflected on the License Status window accessible from the Clooz Help menu (versions 3.5.16 and later).  Users must update to 3.5.16 to see the extra year. 

If your support has expired within the last 10 months, renewing your update support now will gain you the bonus year.   But remember the renewal periods begin as of the last expiration date.  For example, if your support expired on 1 April 2016, renewing now gives you coverage until 1 April 2018.  It a great opportunity to recover if your support has lapsed.


Terms of the Renewal Program

  • New purchases of Clooz will include one year of update and technical support at no additional charge.
  • All users will need to renew in order to continue receiving the Clooz software updates and technical support past their initial year.
  • Renewals will be for one year, and will commence on the previous expiration date.
  • Users will be notified of their pending expiration of program updates and support when their Clooz program is opened.  This will generally be about 30 days prior to support expiration.
  • Ancestral Systems will not be using any automatic renewal processes, where vendors sometimes automatically charge your credit card each year.  Users must initiate the renewal action each year, and enter the new serial number they receive into Clooz.
  • While updates will cease upon the expiration date, users may renew their coverage within 10 months of that date.  After the 10 month window for renewing updates and support passes, a new purchase of Clooz will be required to obtain the latest upgraded version.  Note:  Remember the 1 year period starts on the last expiration date, so waiting 10 months to renew only leaves 2 months of update support.
  • Regardless of whether users renew or not, the Clooz program version they last receive will remain functional, indefinitely.   Likewise, general support will remain available to all users, but only those falling under the support plan will be provided higher level technical support.

We believe this new approach will provide users the best possible Clooz experience, with respect to functional improvements and an economical approach to having the latest Clooz software.   Users who maintain their update and technical support services will receive all improvements to their Clooz software, whether small or large, and will not need to purchase major releases such as Clooz 4.