Release History

Recent Changes in Clooz

  • Clooz Release 3.5.22 (23 December 2016)

    Expanded the Page field in all documents (other than census types) to a maximum of 100 characters (was 10).

  • Clooz Release 3.5.21 (17 December 2016)

    Implemented changes supporting interface to upcoming Legacy version 9  (Clooz is fully compatible).

    Corrected error in list of external files in the File menu.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.20 (8 October 2016)

    Allow retention of image files as document attachments even if the generation of the thumbnail image fails.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.19 (26 September 2016)

    Fixed a rare issue causing Clooz to terminate with an error message that the named ID value was not part of the named data table.
    The sort direction (ascending, descending) of Composite View columns is now reestablished after an item in the Composite View was edited.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.18 (16 September 2016)

    Fixed an issue with the enumeration dates for US Censuses when estimating event dates for export to external programs.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.17 (5 September 2016)

    Added a field for document numbers to the birth, death, and marriage document templates. On document exports, this number (such as a certificate or registration number) along with the primary person’s name is added to the Source Detail text if the Source doesn’t already contain the number.

    A “Today” button was added to the Website source template for filling in the access date.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.16 (24 July 2016)

    Improved Ancestral Quest interface to include additional identifiers (user reference id, Ancestral File Number, Family Search Family Tree ID, global unique ID).

    Improved display of the various identifiers (RIN, REFN, AFN, FSFTID) on the Composite View.  The columns will now appear for documents, but will only show data when expanded to list the people in each document.   These identifiers only apply to people.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.15 (17 March 2016)

    Fixed an issue related to linking businesses to Generic Document and Deeds.
    Fixed an issue which was preventing 1911 UK Census causing residence events (on export).
    Fixed the export of various document types to GEDCOM based formats to have source details carry forward in the export.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.14 (7 March, 2016)

    Fixed an issue where 1850 & 1860 US Census exports was picking up information meant only for the Mortality census (number of days ill showed in the remarks).
    Corrected links to the new website layout.

  • Clooz Release 3.5.12 (26 Feb 2016)

    Improved the use of system date throughout the program for better compatibility with differing international date formats.