What is Clooz 3?

  • A Program to Consolidate, Index, Analyze and Report Document and Image Data
  • A Family History and Genealogy Research And Analysis Tool
  • A Windows Desktop Application

Why Should I Use Clooz 3?

  • Gather, Analyze and Validate Clues and Evidence About Potential or Suspected Ancestors
  • Analyze Family History Challenges Using Factual Document-based Research Strategies
  • Organize and Index Collected Documents and Images
  • Support "One Name" Surname Studies (large or small)

What Are Clooz 3.3 New Features?

  • Export people, sources and events to Legacy Family Tree software based on contents of Clooz documents (see Clooz 3.3 New Features PDF)
  • Unique Composite View visualizes connections between people from their appearance in documents and images
  • Timesaving Media Location Tool locates and repairs missing or incorrect document links
  • Three (3) new Training Videos explain the latest changes
  • New Document Templates for the Newest Census Releases
  • Direct Entry of New Individuals from the Document Details Pages
  • Streamlined More User Friendly Interface (vs. Clooz 2.1)
  • Automatic Updates Keep Clooz 3 Current (User selectable)
  • A Detailed Free Clooz User Guide (PDF) and Twelve (12) Free Training Videos

A Brief Presentation

Clooz 3 Highlights

Clooz 3 Data Sheet

Clooz 3 Technical Data

In Summary

Clooz 3 is a RESEARCH and ANALYSIS tool that aids in confirming that a given individual or family belongs in YOUR family tree. Clooz 3 is NOT a replacement for your traditional family tree program.


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